3 Things That Set Boutique Hotels Apart From the Rest

A hotel is more than just a place to stay, it’s part of your overall trip experience. You should find a temporary home that is clean, exciting, and provides you with unforgettable memories. Boutique hotels are an experience completely different from other hotels. You’ll find unique boutique hotels throughout Chicago on your trip, each with a stylish design and located in a trendy area of the city. We’ve outlined 3 things that set boutique hotels apart from the rest to help you decide where to stay on your next trip to the city.


Unique design

A big part of any hotel experience is the atmosphere you’re in. While traditional hotels have a standard, stereotypical look to them, boutique hotels are different. Most have a theme that is out of the box or deluxe. Everything from the doors to the floors are designed to reflect a certain mood. Often, boutique hotels are reflective of the city they are in. 

Hotel EMC2 in Chicago features an art and science theme, complete with technology infused throughout the hotel. The interior design is meant to inspire the mind, and the room service robots named Leo and Cleo thrill guests with their special deliveries. This is just a small but important detail that can add a special touch to your visit. 


Personalized service

Most hotels have a standard care package that includes the most basic of necessities. A boutique hotel usually holds a smaller occupancy than traditional hotels, which means that there is more time and attention for each guest. 

At Hotel EMC2, there are packages you can add on to your stay to make it perfect for you. A popular package is The Bot Experience, which allows guests to meet the robot attendants as they deliver room service. 

Your experience can be improved by having much easier access to the staff, including room service, city recommendations, and other questions you may have. Personalization is more than just putting your name on a TV, it’s about giving you the individual attention that you need to make your trip special. 


Luxury amenities

Boutique hotels often boast state-of-the-art or high-end amenities that elevate your stay beyond the ordinary. Besides the usual free Wifi and fitness centers, there may be a restaurant within the hotel that offers delicious foods. The Albert, the restaurant located inside Hotel EMC2, features Italian inspired cuisine in innovative and fun ways.

Boutique hotels might also offer exclusive room service options or teched-out guest suites. It’s all in the details, and where you stay should reflect an attention to detail that will leave you impressed. 

Stay at a boutique hotel on your next trip

Chicago is a big city, great for any vacation and full of options no matter what activities you’re looking for. If you’re looking to make a change that will have a big impact on your overall trip, consider booking at a boutique hotel. Located in the heart of Chicago, Hotel EMC2 is a boutique hotel that offers an experience unlike anything else. With a theme of art and science, there is so much to discover and experience within the walls. 

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