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4 Chicago Insider Tips To Remember

If you’re planning a trip to Chicago, you’ll want the low-down on all the hotspots to mark off on that travel guide. And, as the city is so vibrant and diverse, you’ll want to make sure you’re experiencing a bit of everything, to really take in all that Chicago has to offer. (Especially, if you’re spending the holidays in Chicago.)

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, all of these activities are well worth the time and shouldn’t be missed. You’ll leave Chicago with some great memories, and an inkling that you’ll surely be returning in the near future. (There’s always more to see when visiting Chicago.)

Go To Garrett’s

Who doesn’t love popcorn, right? Well, there’s nothing as great as Garrett’s when it comes to our favorite popped snack. You can’t go wrong with the classic, Garret Mix, at Garrett’s popcorn in Chicago, which is a blend of cheddar and caramel, but you can also experiment with some new flavors, too. Try Hot Chocolate Caramelcrisp if you’re craving something sweet, or get a bundle to take home to family and friends for a holiday gift.

Go To Millennium Park

No trip to Chicago is complete without a selfie at the Bean in Millennium Park. Yet, depending on the time of year you go, you can also enjoy a few other activities there. If it’s summertime in Chicago, you’ll want to get your feet wet by the Crown Fountain or take in an outdoor performance or festival at Pritzker Pavilion. If it’s wintertime, you can go ice skating at the McCormick Tribune ice rink or check out festive, holiday lights.

Take In A Show & The Arts

Chicago is known for boasting terrific talent, through various theatrical performances, dance, art, and even improvisation. You can always head to Second City for a few good laughs or buy tickets to a musical or play—there are some great holiday shows in Chicago, as well. And, if you’re looking to see some fantastic art exhibits, visit the Art Institute of Chicago, which is known for its diverse displays and featured artists. You could easily spend a whole day there!

Be Mindful Of Transportation

Sure, this isn’t really a destination to cross off your list, but it surely is a Chicago insider tip. Transportation can be tricky, as Chicago is a busy city, especially during rush hour or the holiday season. If you’re heading to the airport, inquire with the hotel staff about how long it might take and be prepared to give yourself some extra minutes, too.

Similarly, embrace public transportation in Chicago. There are many options: city bike and the el (the train) are usually going to be faster, so you’ll better avoid traffic and you’ll save money, too. If you’re confused about the stops, inquire with your concierge.

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