TK of the Best Spots to Enjoy Spring Flowers in Chicago

4 of the Best Spots to Enjoy Spring Flowers in Chicago

One of the best things about spring in Chicago is the tulips and flowers that bloom all around the city. People travel from far and wide to see their beauty, and locals love taking walks in the fresh, warm air to enjoy the vibrant colors. If you’re visiting Chicago in the spring, there are a few places that are a must-stop if you’re a fan of delicate flowers. We’ve put together 4 of the best spots to enjoy spring flowers in Chicago. 

Michigan Avenue

Perhaps the most popular and well-known spot in Chicago for tulips is Michigan Avenue. With the gorgeous skyscrapers and towers overlooking planter boxes, the view is great from the ground to the clouds. The flowers were planted to bloom all season long, with all sorts of varieties showing off their colors at different points in the coming months so that you always have a great view. 


Garfield Park Conservatory

While this is a great location to enjoy flowers year-round, each year the conservatory hosts a Spring Flower Show. This year the show runs until May 14th, with the theme “Bee’s Knees.” Showcasing the relationship between bees and flowers, the exhibit holds demo hives among the tulips and hydrangeas. In various different houses you can also see permanent displays such as large Persian lilies and Calabash trees. You might even spot a koi fish while taking in the landscape. 


Lurie Garden

This garden is right in the heart of Millennium Park, great for seeing while you’re visiting “the Bean” or the Crown Fountain. The landscape is considered living art, built to offer a beautiful experience year round. In the spring, visitors can find clusters of brightly hued blooms as you walk through the garden’s paths. Standing as a homage to the history of the city, both locals and tourists enjoy the vibrant plants carefully curated by Piet Oudolf.


Jackson Park Perennial Garden

If you’re a fan of flowers above your head, cherry blossom trees aren’t hard to find in the windy city either. Jackson Park holds some of the best pink blooms you could hope for. Near the Museum of Science and Industry, this is another convenient stop while out and about seeing the many landmarks in the city. Mid-April is an iconic time of year for these elegant trees, and you won’t be disappointed while walking under the cotton-candy canopy. 


Enjoy the colors year after year

Each year, Chicagoans and friends look forward to the changing of the seasons, eagerly awaiting the new life and flowers blooming throughout the city. If you’re around after the spring season, the tulip bulbs are given away so you can take a bit of the magic home with you. This spring, enjoy the warm breeze among both skyscrapers and greenery in one of the best cities in the country. If you’re looking for a hotel that will continue to amaze you with unique sensory experiences, Hotel EMC2 sits at the intersection of art and science and is exactly like nothing else. 


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