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4 Reasons Why Boutique Hotels are the Best

Boutique hotels provide a unique and exclusive atmosphere for guests. Every boutique hotel is different, with many boasting distinctive decor and extraordinary ornamental themes. Chicago has a variety of boutique hotels, each offering their own twist on typical accommodations. Boutique hotels are often a better choice for guests who are traveling to Chicago and want to truly enjoy their experience in the city. We’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why boutique hotels are the best.

One-of-a-kind amenities

Many boutique hotels offer a variety of amenities to make their guests’ stay luxurious. Every hotel is different, but most have fitness centers, in-room dining options, and offer robes and slippers for guests to use.

Hotel EMC2 has a variety of fun and extravagant amenities for guests to enjoy. The hotel has delivery robots named Leo and Cleo who deliver water bottles, towels, and snacks to guests’ rooms. Each hotel room has an Amazon Alexa that acts as a personal concierge. Additionally, the hotel has a 24-hour fitness and business center. 

Central locations

Boutique hotels are often located in the heart of big, urban cities. They offer a peaceful respite from the busy city life, while keeping you close to all of the action. Whether in walking distance to a city’s major attractions or located conveniently near public transportation, many boutique hotels give you access to the place you’re exploring without compromising on style and character.

Located in Streeterville, and just minutes from the famous Magnificent Mile, Hotel EMC2 puts guests in the heart of Chicago, with access to shopping, popular attractions, and public transportation. 

Outstanding food and drink

Most boutique hotels focus on providing delicious dining experiences for guests. They also often have a stylish bar and serve a variety of cocktails and wines. Boutique hotels’ restaurants usually hire exceptional chefs who make appetizing dishes, including seasonal offerings and custom cocktails. 

The Albert, located inside Hotel EMC2, is the perfect example of an upscale restaurant within a boutique hotel. Currently, the Albert has a delectable breakfast menu, as well as a bar with snacks, cocktails, wines, ales, lagers, and cider.

Stylish design

Typically, boutique hotels have a design theme running throughout with specialized rooms that expand on the style. The communal spaces usually feature chic artwork and upscale decorations.

In Hotel EMC2, each room has gold finishes that combine with a dark aesthetic to help build the hotel’s two themes of science and art. Showers in the hotel’s rooms are open-glass concept “wet labs,” expanding on the hotel’s science theme. There are bookcases in The Albert which feature over 12,000 books to create a beautiful and inspiring space. The hotel has artwork and decor throughout it that provide guests with a full immersion into art and science.

Planning your trip

Whether you choose to visit Chicago now or in the future, you’ll have a unique and thrilling experience. After you’ve selected your travel dates, you’ll need to decide where you’ll stay on your trip. Consider booking a room in a boutique hotel like Hotel EMC2, located in the heart of the city in Streeterville. Now you’re ready for your upcoming trip to Chicago filled with breathtaking adventures and spectacular sights. 

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