5 Signs You Might Actually Be A Genius

Being “book smart” isn’t always the right indicator of natural intelligence; in fact, you might actually show qualities of genius behavior from weird oddities and eccentric patterns that boast creativity and thought. Instead of downplaying or feeling insecure about your originality and “off beat” nature, check for these signs you might actually be a genius and power that inner confidence.

Think about Albert Einstein: he was a character, but also a genius. If you possess these 5 traits that people of higher intelligence have, you can be assured that you have plenty of potential for growth, innovation, and extraordinary, higher intellectual thinking.

You Talk To Yourself

Before you assume those who talk to themselves have lost their marbles, re-evaluate the cause. Surprisingly, the act of talking to oneself is a trait that geniuses have. Speaking out loud signifies a working mind, one that is trying to sort through all the innovative thoughts, creative ideas, and differing strategies to inspire creation and design. It’s okay to be vocal: let your thoughts lead you to greater heights and high-powdered thinking.

You Have Social Anxiety

In today’s culture, it’s hard to find silence and solitude amidst the chaos of the average workweek. Throw social commitments into the mix, and there’s limited time to be alone and be still with your thoughts and creative process. It’s common for people with genius qualities to seek out isolation at times, due to a social anxiety and an excessive need for “me” time, in order to practice mindfulness..

You’re A Chronic Worrier

While many endeavors of geniuses lead to remarkable results, it doesn’t always come, worry-free. In fact, a common trait that geniuses have is the tendency to overthink things and worry, incessantly. If you find yourself second-guessing yourself during a creation process, perhaps going back and forth between different ideas and strategies, you might be struggling with a shared obstacle among those with higher intelligence.

Likewise, geniuses have shorter attention spans, as they bounce between multiple projects and concepts. They’re genius thinking is often more lateral, breaching many topics, than vertical, focused on one specific topic.

You Stay Up Late & Get Little Sleep

If your body is too fired up at night to get your zzz’s in, and it’s not due to a nightly espresso, it might be a sign that you’re a genius. Geniuses feel most creative at night, and are often too wired to turn their brains off and power down. They can also run on very little sleep and still find enough energy in the day to channel their ideas and creations.

You Value Daydreaming

If you set aside time to daydream or use higher observational skills to decode your dreams, it represents an introspective quality that all geniuses have. Often times these dreams unlock secrets, inspirational thought, and intuitive ideas (the latter being important, as it’s hard for geniuses to trust their intuitions and not flip back and forth between differing approaches). If you find yourself searching for deeper meaning in your dreams, it might be a sign that you’re a creative genius.