5 Unexpected Places To Find Art Inspiration In Chicago

Chicago is truly a remarkable city, rich in beauty, art, design, and innovation. Apart from going to one of its many museums and art and science centers, such as The Art Institute Of Chicago or The Museum of Science and Industry, there are several unexpected ways to experience art in Chicago to stimulate the senses and activate the mind. Plus, the great thing about art is that it can be interpreted in so many distinct ways and places. Here are 5 unusual areas in Chicago that promote artistic talent, creativity, and visual inspiration.

Public Art & Murals

Chicago neighborhoods boast terrific displays of public art and murals, and it really represents Chicago’s diverse culture and creativity. Make a plan to travel through various areas, especially those you’ve never visited before, and check out a few of the best Chicago neighborhood murals. You can even go for a long, leisurely bike ride to take in more distance. Or, if you’re walking, bring a camera to snap some shots and Instagram them later (no filters, necessary).

The Crown Fountain At Millennium Park

The 50-foot high tower, the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, fully expresses Chicago sentiment, with real facial features, like bold eyes and pursed lips, the latter by which water elegantly spouts from. Chicago is a diverse, multi-cultured, artistic city, and these faces, from all different ages, genders, and ethnicities, are representative of such traits. There’s great inspiration to be shared through the power of humanity, and these beautiful images encourage love of the human spirit and connectedness to the universe.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

This artistic performance stage by Frank Gehry is absolutely stunning, and when you’re taking in a live performance or festival, it can easily transport you to a different time and sensation. Heading to Jay Pritzker Pavilion in the spring and summertime is especially enjoyable, as you can pack a picnic and some blankets, listen to inspirational music, or even bust out a move dance moves in the open air. Keep your eyes out for updates on Grant Park Music Festival and Millennium Park Summer Series.

Cloud Gate Sculpture

Also found in Millennium Park, the Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as the Bean, is truly a work of art, and a clear Chicago landmark. Tourists and Chicagoans, alike, flock to the sculpture on a beautiful, sunny day to look at their reflections, maybe make some funny faces, and take a snapshot to capture the memories. There’s something magical and inspirational about looking at your own reflection and engaging in your thoughts. Use this time to connect with yourself, do some meditation thinking, and let your mind wander.

Myopic Bookstore In Chicago

There’s nothing quite as interesting as the art of storytelling, and myopic bookstore in Chicago is a real, hidden gem that values intrigue, imagination, intellect, and craft. Upon entering one of Chicago’s oldest and largest bookstores, you’ll find a collection of over 80,000 rare and used editions of books, right at your fingertips. From history, art, and science, to fiction, poetry, and film, the possibilities are endless. Nestle in, turn the page, and immerse yourself in an alternate reality.

Photo Credit: ©City of Chicago