5 Ways To Appreciate Chicago's Architecture

5 Ways To Appreciate Chicago’s Architecture

There’s something Chicagoans and tourists alike can agree on: Chicago has some beautiful architecture. With diverse scenery of buildings along Lakeshore Drive, it’s impossible not to find a breathtaking view (even on a rainy day). Downtown, there’s a nice blend of high-rise, modern buildings and historical landmarks, and each neighborhood has something unique to offer that embodies that culture and lifestyle. If you have time, take in some of Chicago’s greatest architecture and most remarkable sights. Here are 5 ways to appreciate Chicago’s art and design.

Stand Under The Pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo South Pond

What’s so inspiring about this structure is its ability to make you feel so connected to history, science, and art, all wrapped up in one. Designed by Studio Gang Architects, it transforms a pond from the 19th century into a design encompassing landscape, ecology, and nature. It’s a great setting for an outdoor class, a casual stroll, with an outstanding view, or a few selfies.

Go To The Museum Of Science And Industry

If you’re looking for a formal way to experience Chicago’s gifts in the world of science and industry, this museum will exceed your expectations. A perfect way to experience architecture in Chicago is to immerse yourself in a few exhibits and educational classes, as well as on-site films and special events. What’s more, the museum is suitable for all ages, so feel free to pop in on a Saturday with the kids.

Look From Above At The John Hancock Skydeck

With the best views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan, the 360 Chicago observation deck sits 1,000 feet above the ground inside the renowned John Hancock building. It boasts 360-degree views and delivers a thrilling, unparalleled experience that promises a newfound appreciation for Chicago’s rich history, neighborhoods, and architectural design. Special activities at 360 Chicago include: yoga, painting, and happy hours, all from above.

Take In An Architectural Tour

Sometimes, it’s best to lets others lead: this rule applies here. Following a guide who is well versed in Chicago’s history and design can help you maximize your time and gain as much knowledge as possible. Plus, when you’re riding along the river on a boat tour, you have the opportunity to take your time, relax, and appreciate the views. Tours are roughly 75-90 minutes long, so plan your day accordingly. Here are a few of Chicago’s best architectural tours.

Visit The Buckingham Fountain

A beautiful landmark within Grant Park, the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago is one of the finest fountains in the world. Its center jet sprays water up 150 feet in the air, and every hour upon the hour, beginning at 9 a.m., it displays a different pump manipulation, as well as a light and music show, starting at dusk. These presentations last 20 minutes, so there’s time to relax by the fountain and take in the scenery.

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