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5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity When Traveling

When traveling and landing in a brand new destination, there’s tons of opportunity to explore the local area and take in all its fantastic features. Between nature and sports to museums and galleries, there’s tons of ways to really get immersed in the city’s culture and taste.

And, even if you’re traveling for work, where most of your day is spent on the go or in meetings, there’s still time to let your imagination and curiosity wander.

Here are 5 ways to spark your creativity when you’re in a new place, for business or pleasure. And, you’ll hopefully bring that stimulation back with you, home. (A tip: here are a few ways to spark your creativity in the day.)

Experience Art & Culture

Wherever you land, there are bound to be museums, galleries, and other attractions that have thought provoking and unique exhibits. And, you can even find artistic inspiration outdoors—for instance, in Chicago, there are beautiful murals painted by locals all around the city. Of course, you’re likely to find some hotspots just by looking for reviews or reading more about your destination online, but you can also always inquire for some recommendations at your hotel. The front desk staff will know exactly where to lead you.

Get Enough Shut Eye

It might not seem important (or even feasible, if say, you’re heading to Vegas?), but getting enough zzz’s when traveling can keep you mentally aware and high in energy, which can help you be more creative during your trip. If you’re drained and out of it, you’ll miss out on some great experiences and you won’t be able to boost that much-needed brainpower. A tip? Turn of phones and lights before bed to power down, and look to these tips to get more sleep when traveling.

Talk To Locals

Whether it’s talking to the people you’re visiting or a crowd sitting at the table next to you when out to dinner, talking to the locals can give you a better understanding of the culture you’re in and keep things interesting. What’s more, they might have some tips on how to spend your time wisely when in their city—all those hidden gems that are bound to get those creative juices flowing. Perhaps they offer restaurant tips, music venues, comedy shows, or theatrical performances in Chicago—either way, it makes for a great trip.

Get In A Workout

Sure, it might be the last thing you want to do—you’re on vacation, right? Yet, getting a quick sweat on could actually boost endorphins and make you more creative and productive. So, this might be especially beneficial if you’re visiting for work, too. See if the hotel has an in-door gym, and if not, see if there are guest passes to local studios or partnership agreements available. There’s no excuse—you can even just lace up your sneakers and head off on a run.

Slow Down

No to say you need to literally slow down and walk at snail speed, but forgoing any hastiness or anxiety and just living, minute by minute, can help you appreciate your location and feel free to let your mind go (wherever it may lead you). Take the pressure off to experience everything—you can always return—and enjoy each activity for its entirety. This will help you actually think, observe, and act with creativity and your imagination.

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