7 Foods That Can Boost Productivity In The Day When Traveling

7 Foods That Can Boost Productivity In The Day When Traveling

When traveling, it can be hard to plan meals accordingly, and without the comforts of our home kitchen and fridge, it’s challenging to eat healthy when traveling and make the right choices for a productive and high-energy day. It’s no surprise that what you eat can affect your mood, focus, and creativity, so picking healthy and nutritious options will help stabilize these levels and set you up for a successful day ahead.

Even if you’re far from a kitchen and fridge, it’s easy to pick up some staple snacks for on the go travel. By eating frequently throughout the day, you’ll be more likely to keep your mental awareness up and beat fatigue. Here are 7 foods that can boost productivity during your trip.


With so many portable options for oatmeal, it’s easy to carry oatmeal packets or single-serve packages with you when heading out to a networking event or a business meeting with clients. Oatmeal is packed with B vitamins and magnesium, both of which provide sustainable energy and improve mood through the release of serotonin, the “happy” hormone. Plus, most hotels provide oatmeal for breakfast, so be sure to check with the room service or dining menu.

Greek Yogurt

With a high protein and calcium content, Greek yogurt will keep you full longer (no one likes that rumbling stomach during a business meeting) and help strengthen bones and repair muscles and joints. There are so many benefits of Greek yogurt as a mid-day snack; you’ll fight fatigue and body soreness, and you’ll be more productive and have greater energy. Pair with nuts and fruit for a bit of sweetness and healthy fats.


While eggs are terrific for breakfast bright and early, they are not reserved solely for the morning. By adding an egg to a lunch quinoa bowl, atop a slice of toast, or in hard-boiled egg form, with an apple and a few crackers, you’ll increase your protein intake to balance energy and mood and fight off cravings. Eggs contain choline in the yolk, which has been shown to boost brainpower, and their high levels of iron and B vitamins will banish fatigue.


Salmon, or any oily fish, such as mackerel, tuna, or halibut, will provide healthy fats, in the form of omega 3’s, to reduce inflammation in the body and to promote brain health. Such healthy fats have even been shown to lower risk of dementia.

When the body is inflamed, it increases stress levels by pumping out the stress hormone, cortisol. When there’s too much cortisol in the body, you become irritable, less mentally focused, tired, and prone to cravings. Such imbalances will hinder productivity during your travel plans. Pick up a can of tuna or salmon for a snack, or find the portioned snack-packs in a local supermarket.


There’s no excuse to not eat nuts when traveling. Whether you want to make a nut butter sandwich to take with you for lunch or just purchase a bag of almonds or pistachios from the bulk section at a nearby market, in a snack bar at your hotel, or from a Starbucks counter, it’s incredibly easy to munch on a few nuts in the afternoon to quell the appetite and keep energy high.

Nuts are high in protein, fats, and magnesium to fight stress and increase concentration. Nuts make for a healthy and versatile snack for on the go. Buy a few different nuts in bulk and create your own DIY trail mix in your hotel room. Portioning into small bags for the day ahead can keep calories in check.


Eating an apple is not only satisfying and sweet, but it’s also super nutritious. With a high fiber content (found in the skin) and the antioxidant quercetin, apples can keep you regular, which is especially important, due to the time difference and change in habit when traveling. Plus, the crunchiness of the apples will boost mental alertness and wake you up when you’re hitting that dreaded, afternoon slump.

Lean Jerky

Eating a few pieces of lean jerky, especially beef, turkey, or salmon jerky, can dramatically increase energy and balance the mood. Due to jerky’s high protein content, along with iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, you’ll feel revitalized and eager to get through your daily work tasks. Look for leaner cuts in the supermarket, and if you’re able to grab a bite in your hotel’s restaurant, ordering a piece of animal protein that’s prepared in a healthy manner (not fried) will provide major brain benefits.

When travelling, it’s easy to feel weighed down, as you’re more exposed to germs, especially if there’s a time difference or if you’re taking a flight. By choosing foods that can decrease fatigue and keep your productivity high, you’ll go back home feeling accomplished and successful.