7 Ways That Art Can Make You More Successful

7 Ways That Art Can Make You More Successful

Regardless of painting abilities or poetic rhetoric, anyone can be an artist. Using art, creativity, and the imagination in your daily life can bring about courage, breakthroughs, and originality, all of which can pave the way for true success. Understanding how art makes you more creative and capable of thinking outside the box will push you outside your comfort zone and eager to tackle any obstacles ahead. Here are 7 ways that bringing art and imagination into your daily tasks will generate greater productivity and achievement, long-term. 


While it might have been frowned up in grade school, doodling in the workplace should actually be encouraged. Studies have shown that doodling can make you more successful, as it is linked to a mindfulness practice that unlocks blocked, creative outlets to trigger thought incitement and stamina. Not only does doodling encourage innovation, but it can also concentrate your mind and help you refocus when you’re starting to zone out (in an office morning meeting perhaps?). Have a paper and pen ready to go, and your mind will follow.

Flexibility & Diligence As An Artist

Whether you’re trained in an art, such as dance or guitar, or you’re simply one who enjoys singing in the shower or trying out a new recipe at home, there’s an artistic talent in all of these actions that shows a mastery and diligence. By letting yourself hone in on an artistic craft each day, you’ll have to become more flexible and able to adapt to change. Perhaps you forgot the carrots needed for your carrot soup recipe, or you colored a painting’s hue blue when you really wanted red: knowing how to go with the flow will make you more equipped to be successful under stress.


Signing up for a dance class, or even breaking out a few dance moves in the office lounge, will help you beat a mid-day rut and that inevitable fatigue you’re probably pretty used to. . In fact, many companies are offering dance to employees as a type of corporate wellness program. By letting go of inhibitions and getting your blood flowing, you’ll not only get some activity in, but also sharpen your mind. According to science, dancing involves multiple brain functions and boosts neural connectivity.


Your imagination represents your true thoughts and desires—and often the ones that you choose to dismiss or hide. Whether you’re scared or just thinking too narrowly, using your imagination can help spruce up your insights and generate greater intellect and confidence. Taking time out of your busy schedule to sit alone and gather your thoughts, letting your mind wander, can boost creativity and neural connections.


Whether you want to take the time to decorate a tangible photo album or are eager to start browsing instagram filters, creating photo albums and collages can help foster memories (which can increase happiness and brainpower), and allow you shape a new perspective through an aesthetic lens. Learning how to look at things from different angles will make you more successful in your endeavors, relationships, and strategies.

Listening To Music

Creating a great playlist for your commute to work can instantly improve your mood and mind and increase readiness for the day ahead. Studies have shown that listening to music makes you more successful, as it forces you to listen, a key attribute that drives relationships, business change and adaptability, and growth. Allow music into your life—use it to wake up in the morning, to relax you in times of stress at your desk, and to even power down for a blissful, deep sleep in the evenings.

Join An Artistic Community

Whether you join a community online or in person, surrounding yourself with artistic people and practices can help you channel that positive energy into your performance. A few examples: sign up for an improv class, try a flash fiction writing group online, where members write short 100-word stories in response to a prompt, or engage in role-playing exercises to loosen up and think on your feet. Knowing how to react quickly in situations will lead to greater success.

Making time for a few daily, artistic practices is well worth the effort, as you’re likely to experience an increase in creativity, performance, and achievement. It’s okay to be silly and loose at times—it’ll make those serious moments that much more effective.