7 Ways To Enjoy Chicago Ideas Week

There’s no greater event of broadening the mind and fostering creativity, curiosity and intellect than at Chicago Ideas Week, a staple within the city’s bustling realm of thought, innovation, art and science. Chicago Ideas Week will be held Oct 17-23rd this 2016, and there are incredible speakers, Labs and events to attend that will brighten the mind and establish newfound relationships with like-minded people.

Topics range from politics and sports to entrepreneurship and entertainment, and interactive participation opportunities are abound through the introduction of Labs events, where attendees can explore Chicago by foot and through the senses to better understand its culture and creative spirit. In addition to play, there’s plenty of education, as lectures and discussions are lead by key influencers all over the world.

Check the calendar for upcoming events, lectures and Labs and buy tickets for your favorites—competition is high, so you should act on it fast! Here are 7 inspiring events to pencil in now.

  1. Chinatown Underground Tour

Jimmy Lee, the former executive director of the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, will be giving attendees a sneak peek into the Chicago’s fabulous Chinese culture with a hands-on lab event. Delight the senses with an experience they will never forget.

By partaking on this walking tour, you’ll become better acquainted with Chicago’s historic neighborhood, and you’ll gain an experience that is both educational and tasty, as you make your way through each bite and step. This event will start on Tuesday, October 18th at 11:30am.

  1. Master The Art Of Story Telling

Engage in an interactive workshop and share the art of storytelling on Monday, October 17th, from 4:30-6:30pm at Victory Gardens in Lincoln Park. You’ll also get the chance to explore the signature Lincoln Park theatre in order to gain greater insight and history into Chicago’s artistic culture.

Explore and unleash your feelings, share in ideas, release insecurities, deepen knowledge of histories and engage in creative expressions in this inspiring and intellectual Lab event.

  1. Learn How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Discuss entrepreneurship and innovation with experts in Chicago and Yangon, Myanmar in order to pick one another’s brains and trade ideas. Featured entrepreneurs in Chicago are Martin McGovern, co-founder of Idea Lemon, and Minhaj Chowdhury, 2016 Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellow and co-founder & CEO, Drinkwell. The event takes place Tuesday, October 18th from 8-11pm at Daley Plaza.

It’s insightful to experience another culture and to encourage diversity of thought, so this open forum will help form a connection between different worlds and viewpoints on creative, inspirational and inventive matters. Participants will discuss virtually in groups of three for fifteen minutes a time, and this intimacy will encourage personal and educational relationships.

  1.  Have Big Talk

Open your minds and hearts to experiences from fellow entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, journalists, and creative expressionists who can share stories of some of life’s greatest moments and lessons that have shaped their thinking, actions and work.

Asking questions and having a curious nature is a humanistic quality, and it’s important to feed the creative spirit and broaden the mind to new ideas, sources of inspiration, and larger, perhaps even contradictory and challenging, questions that can have a huge impact on a person’s being and direction. Learn, grow and act in this intellectual discussion on Monday, October 17th at Cadillac Palace Theatre from 7-8:30pm.

  1.  Own Your Beauty

Join “You Are Beautiful” campaign founder Matthew Hoffman on Sunday, October 23rd from 1-4pm at Future Factory for a hands-on class on designing and inventing your own “You Are Beautiful” sticker that complements this powerfully positive message.

Become an artist to create an impact: one that promotes self-empowerment, as well as a greater appreciation for the human spirit. This viral campaign has reached countless people, bringing uplifting sentiments and #morningmantras that encourage power, optimism, respect and love.

  1.  Let Your Business Thrive

Learn from key leaders in the dining, hospitality, finance and business industries to learn how to effectively drive a business with a solid company mission, strategy and creative energy that will provide long-term success and fulfillment.

Leaders include restaurateur and owner of Alinea, The Aviary and Next, Nick Kokonas, Maryam Banikarim, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, among others. Use their tricks, stories and strategies to improve your own business ventures and create a solid, organized and efficient business. This event is Thursday, October 20th from 4-5:30pm at Cadillac Palace Theatre.

  1.  Discover The Mind & Boost Brainpower

In this interactive Lab, you will discover how intricate and powerful the human mind is and how science, technology and medicine can all work together to create major strides in intellectual thinking and business development.

Hosted by MATTER and VisMed-3D, become a scientist yourself and use 3D printing to take a journey through the human brain. Understanding the mind is the true way to understand yourself, and there’s no better time to access this knowledge than at MATTER at Merchandise Mart on Monday, October 17th, from 10-12pm.

While these particularly stand out, all events are worth marking your calendars for. Click here for the full 2016 Chicago Ideas Week schedule.