7 Ways To Experience Art & Science In Chicago

In the vast, bustling city of Chicago, there’s definitely no shortage of artistic and scientific experiences. With such a diverse and imaginative culture, Chicago is the ideal setting to find new ways to open your mind to adventure and boost your creativity.

There is something special about connecting to a broader history, through various exhibits, speakers and artistic expressions, and then creating your own innovative spin to make the experience unique and fashioned to your way of thinking, learning and growing.

The best way to gain such exposure is to surround yourself with interesting and insightful displays of art and science, where you can feel connected to the world and those around you and feel inspired to take your own appreciation of art and science to the next level. Here are seven ways to experience art and science in Chicago now.

  1. Head To A Museum

There is a plethora of outstanding museums in Chicago, many specializing in art and science. Whether you want to observe modern or “new contemporary” art, which can be found at the Art Institute Of Chicago, see local artists’ designs at the Chicago Works series at the Museum of Contemporary Art, or embark upon a scientific exploration at the Museum of Science and Industry, there are numerous venues to choose from.

  1. Go To The Theater

Theatrical performances not only provide entertainment, but the artistic form of the bodies, especially in musicals and dance performances, signifies how beautiful the human body is and how much we should appreciate it for all of its abilities. Checking out a site to stay up to date on the latest performances around Chicago is the best way to book tickets ahead of time.

  1. Go To Science Festivals

By following the Illinois Science Council, isc, in Chicago, you’ll be able to find opportunities for science related festivals and events in order to learn from experts and have some fun. You can also check out the Museum of Science and Industry and look for any upcoming special events that you can go to outside of the normal, every day exhibits. There are many creativity-driven events on Eventbrite that pop up each week, so looking out for those is a great way to stay in touch with Chicago’s artistic culture.

  1. Go To The Adler Planetarium

It’s incredibly fascinating to think about the solar system and its galaxies, stars, black holes and other profound explosions that will literally blow your mind. The Adler Planetarium is a great spot for letting the imagination wander and the body be transported to another time and place. Check out the guide online for upcoming events and special promotions, and consider planning a group event or party under the stars.

  1. Volunteer At Artistic Youth Programs

Whether it’s through paint a school for children to grow and learn, by partaking in activities, such as dance, art, pottery or music, or by volunteering at a summer camp or school within the theater, lab, or art department, you’ll both be improving the lives of others and creating an outlet for you to express your own personal creativity and artistic expression, as well.

  1. Go To An Art Fair

There are many art fairs in Chicago, especially in the summertime when it’s beautiful and warm. It’s exciting to meet with local artists showcasing paintings, sculptures, and antiques, and to learn their stories and approaches to creativity and art. Feed your soul at such an event, and allow the pieces to inspire you to get more inventive in your daily tasks and experiences.

  1. Design A Scientific Experiment At Home

Bring a bit of science to your home with The Museum of Science And Industry’s “Brain Games” program, which features eight free and exciting activities that can be performed at home with the whole family. Dive into the world of engineering and physics and put your hands to work with creating toys, robots and other instruments that can bring out the “inner nerd” in you.

Art and science has defined us and shaped our beings today, and beyond mere scientific laws and mathematical equations, there in lies modernity, interpretation, reflection and aesthetic that can allow us to channel our creativity and embrace new experiences.