Overnight Oats 7
Irish cut oat, almond milk, shaved coconut, raisins

Greek Yogurt 8
Fresh berries, manuka honey, granula crumbs

Fruit Carpaccio 7
Thinly sliced melon, berries, mint honey drizzle

Avocado Toast 12
Crushed avocado, onion, cilantro, almonds, rainbow greens

N.Y. Bagel 12
Everything bagel, roma tomato, cucumber, onion, chive smear


Buttermilk Pancake 13
Fresh blueberry and honey sauce, sweetened cream

Belgium Waffle 14
Classic, powder sugar

Cinnamon French Toast 15
Brioche, vanilla custard, brown sugar bananas


All eggs served with hash browns & toast

Eggs Done Your way 14

Omelette La Vida 14
Braised pork, 5 year cheddar, onion, green peppers, salsa verde

Egg White Scrambler 15
Feta cheese, hot house arugula, caramelized onion

Three Cheese Omelette 13
Cheddar, swiss, feta

Mushroom Omelette 14
Miataki, gremini, portobello, cheddar cheese


side of meat choices: bacon, pork sausage, ham 4
Beyond Breakfast Sausage 9
Bagel and cream cheese 5
Choice of bread 4
Croissant 4
Pain au chocolat 4
Hash Browns 6


Espresso 4
Americano 4
Cappuccino 6
Drip house blend coffee 5
Decaf drip 5

Our coffee is a proprietary blend from SPARROW COFFEE


emperor’s jasmine pearls 7
sencha genmaicha 7

field of france rooibos 7
into the wild of greece 7

regal english breakfast 7
extra regal earl grey 7

all teas are craft blended by RARE TEA CELLARS

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