Hotel EMC2, Autograph Collection, the brainchild of local real estate developer Scott Greenberg, president and CEO of SMASHotels, encompasses an overarching theme of innovation through the intersection of art and science. To provide guests with a truly one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Chicago’s bustling Streeterville neighborhood, the property, led by General Manager Christine Wechter, has unveiled a series of tech-centric elements. Featuring everything from in-room acoustic amplifiers, to functional robots, to live streaming monitors in the kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant, the Albert, the hotel’s atmosphere is meant to ignite the imaginations of guests.

“I wanted to tackle the challenge of elevating the more menial aspects of a typical guest experience by creating more interactive elements that spark curiosity,” said Greenberg. “This cutting-edge technology amplified throughout the property exemplifies our passion for creativity and education, and further illustrates the art and science intersection philosophy.”