Hotel EMC2 fosters innovation in local youth

Hotel EMC2 Fosters Innovation in Local Youth

The joy of creating is universal and innovation is the key to the future. Hotel EMC2 is committed to preserving science in the community. Empowering local youth and allowing them to discover these scientific truths is both essential and transformational, which is why Hotel EMC2 became involved with Project SYNCERE

Hotel EMC2 and Project SYNCERE

Hotel EMC2 helps foster innovation in youth who live in underserved Chicago communities through its partnership with Project SYNCERE, which supports STEM programs for adolescents. Project SYNCERE’s global mission is to create pathways for underrepresented and disadvantaged students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Project SYNCERE started in 2008 when three African American men were dissatisfied with the lack of diversity in their fields of engineering and financial management. Since the Project began, more than 20,000 students have been served, with 96% of the students going on to major in a STEM discipline at a university. 

Every year, Hotel EMC2 and Autograph Collection support youth STEM programs at Project SYNCERE by donating a portion of the proceeds when guests book a reservation directly with Hotel EMC via The associates also support Project SYNCERE through a Pie in the Face event and wearing Jeans on selected Fridays. All donations support Project SYNCERE. 

“The hotel’s commitment to the organization has helped to generate more public awareness of the work we are doing, through their marketing outreach,” said Project SYNCERE’s Executive Director and Co-Founder, Jason Coleman. 

Success stories

Coleman shared that the partnership had blossomed into a success story. He expressed that guests from Hotel EMC2 would reach out to Project SYNCERE after their stay to see how they could get involved with the program. Additionally, Coleman shared that Hotel EMC2’s staff supports their efforts by hosting professional development workshops for students to help prepare them for future work opportunities. The staff has also hosted several fundraising opportunities at the hotel that have helped generate additional funding for the organization, as well as more public awareness. 

“Everyone at the hotel has been willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved with the work of the organization, which is truly appreciated,” said Coleman. 

One student’s success story stands out in particular to Colemanhis name is Amadou Craigba. Craigba started a Project SYNCERE program during his sophomore year of high school. Craigba’s experiences with Project SYNCERE helped him earn his Bachelor of Science degree at Illinois Institute of Technology and later on, receive a full-time position at Singh Engineering. Craigba currently volunteers at Project SYNCERE as an Engineering Instructor.

“Amadou realized the impact that Project SYNCERE had on him as a young student and continues to pay it forward with the younger students in our program,” said Coleman. 

Continuing to support Project SYNCERE

Hotel EMC2 is proud to continue to support Project SYNCERE by giving donations and hosting events. Through Project SYNCERE programming, Hotel EMC2 will jump start the career exploration of 20 high school students through hands-on, real-life engineering experience. Project SYNCERE leverages the nationally recognized Project Lead The Way curriculum to carry out the Chicago-based initiative. The high school E-CADEMY program will be offered throughout the school year, with an additional six weeks in the summer. Direct books at Hotel EMC2 make this program possible.

To support Project SYNCERE, you can make a donation directly or book a reservation at Hotel EMC2