How Booking a Hotel Venue for Your Summer Wedding Will Save you Time and StressWhen planning your wedding there can be many decisions to make—which can sometimes make wedding planning overwhelming. One of the first things that you need to reserve is your venue, as it’s the backdrop for your entire day. From outdoor beaches to intimate churches to large reception centers, there are so many types of places to choose from. Luckily, a hotel venue is the ideal venue for couples to enjoy their special day. We’ve put together a list of ways that a hotel venue can also save you time and stress in the midst of wedding planning. 


Guest accommodations 

The main purpose of a hotel, a comfortable and unique place to stay the night, still perfectly applies for a wedding. Most hotels allow you to book a block of rooms for the night or a few nights around your wedding. This is great for out of town guests, and also makes a convenient place for the wedding party to get ready that’s as close as can be to the event space. Not only are hotel rooms convenient, they also usually come with savings when you book rooms in bulk. Your guests will appreciate the saved hassle and time that comes with having the rooms all booked and ready for them ahead of time. 

Another big perk that sleeping in your hotel venue can provide in addition to saving you time and stress is not having to figure out transportation. People spend hours of precious planning time on selecting buses, limos, and other forms of transportation, and waste valuable minutes in transport both on the day of the event and the days leading up to the wedding. With your guests and your event space in one place, you can sit back and relax knowing that they are all only steps away. 


Unique spaces

Weddings in a hotel can be entirely unique from typical weddings. Boutique hotels in particular work to ensure that you’ll never have to over-compensate or hide ugly details with decorations; the rooms themselves are stunning. They are great at creating a theme and ambiance that your guests won’t see anywhere else. You’ll never be in short supply of photogenic locations for your guests and wedding photographer.

From your rehearsal dinner, to wedding day brunch, to ceremony, you can find rooms that will perfectly fit your needs. Some brides even plan for their wedding guests to move through multiple spaces during their wedding day in order to tell a story or create a customized, creative experience. Most hotels offer indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing guests to get fresh air or a reprieve from the elements at their leisure. Whether you’re throwing the party of the year or enjoying an intimate celebration, hotels are a great location for your wedding.


In-house catering

Many hotels are well versed at hosting wedding-related events. The hotel staff will be ready to work with you to organize the reception, brunch, or rehearsal dinner that you may be planning. Often, hotels with in-house restaurants cater for these types of events, saving you the stress of interviewing and tasting multiple rounds of food. When you choose the hotel’s catering for your event, the food will be hot and fresh, straight from the kitchen. 

A hotel with an in-house restaurant is a great option for delicious, unique food—prepared to help your big day go smoothly and look beautiful. Selecting a hotel with a restaurant allows you to easily host all your wedding events in one convenient location. Hotel’s have staff who are ready to work with you to provide great service and advice to make your dreams come true. 


Make wedding planning easier

By choosing a hotel venue, you’ll be able to more easily enjoy the engagement phase of your relationship. Hotel venues work to help you get everything you want, without the anxious moments. Hotel EMC2 is uniquely positioned to offer you a great wedding venue and unique catering experience through our in-house restaurant, the Albert


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