If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant filled with books, there’s a good chance the stacks made you giddy. There’s just something about the bindings that’s full of possibilities. But you probably had no idea just how long it took to get those books together.

Sure, restaurants could fill their shelves quickly by calling in books “by the foot.” For instance, one website devoted to that business—fittingly called booksbythefoot.com—lets buyers pick from different categories, from color schemes (like only black bindings) to subject. But some restaurants prefer not to buy blindly. After all, those 200 feet of books could be encyclopedias or paperback best-sellers (like these 20 books everyone should have read by now), but buyers won’t know until they arrive.

Enter Thatcher Wine, who started the company Juniper Books to curate the perfect libraries for homeowners and businesses, including the NoMad Hotel library and the Wolfgang Puck restaurant CUT. After all, while you might think “a book is a book” when it comes to décor, the wrong choices could ruin the cozy library feel. “If you’re at a restaurant and sitting at a table in front of books, you don’t want to look up and see a biography of Hitler or bizarre murder mysteries with ‘death’ in the title,” Wine says. “This collection should make sense for the space.”