What Makes Chicago a Fitness Destination

What Makes Chicago a Fitness Destination

When it comes to fitness and wellness, Chicago is no stranger to the industry, as there are several restaurants, fitness studios, and recreational and sporting opportunities that allow for people to stay healthy and active, no matter the season.

When it’s spring and summertime, a bike ride, jog, run, or game of volleyball or Frisbee on one of Chicago’s plentiful beaches and parks seems like the perfect activity for a warm, sunny day. And when it’s winter, have no fear—you can go to various indoor workout studios and healthy eateries and juice spots in the city to get that dose of vitamins and mood-boosting endorphins just as easily.

What makes Chicago such a fitness destination, exactly? Here are a few examples, and we can guarantee you’ll want to try them all out.

Fitness Studios Across the City

There’s literally no neighborhood in Chicago that doesn’t offer a few great fitness studios, whether for gym chains or boutique workouts. In fact, many streets in Streeterville, River North, and Old Town, for instance, have three or four fitness studios within a two-block span! The best thing to do is to try them all out and see what works for you—from rowing and running to HIIT and CrossFit and to Pilates, Spin, and Yoga, there’s no shortage of fitness adventures to explore.

There’s ClassPass and FitReserve

With programs like these two, you can hop around to various fitness studios throughout the city each week and take different classes. Not only is this fun, as it prevents boredom, but it also brings in variety, which is great for your muscles. Plus, they’re budget friendly, so you don’t need to buy a membership at each studio, as those can surely add up. And if you’re visiting from out of town, you can use your ClassPass or FitReserve credits at the Chicago locations, too.

The Parks and Lake Front

Enjoy the fresh outdoors and greenery in Chicago, thanks to their surplus of parks, beaches, and water, all of which offer the chance to workout outside or stay active on a weekend afternoon. You can play sports leagues on the beach or in the park, and you can always pick up a city bite and roam around the neighborhoods of Chicago, along such trails.

The city lights up for recreational activities, and it’s not uncommon to see games of soccer, baseball, and volleyball going on the summertime, especially. The “fitness mindset” is prevalent in the city, where people want to stay active and enjoy activities that provide a sense of community as much as possible. And let’s not forget the amazing views of the Skyline!

Shopping on Magnificent Mile

If you walk along the Mag Mile, Chicago’s famed shopping district that features both department stores and high-end designers, you’re bound to notice top fitness stores, like Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon (inside the 900 North Michigan Stores), Adidas (in the Water Tower), and more. It’s easy to pick up all your favorite fitness gear in Chicago so you can tackle whatever workout you’re doing and feel fantastic in what you’re wearing. And beyond apparel, you can also find several fitness accessories, like watches and earbuds, along the Mag Mile strip, too.

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