Benefits of Booking Hotels for Private Events

Benefits of Booking Hotels for Private Events

You’re probably considering where you should book your venue if you have an upcoming business meeting, wedding, anniversary, or other special event. The type of venue you choose for your private event can help it be both memorable and enjoyable for your guests. People often choose hotels as a venue for their events because they have many benefits and amenities. 

To help you plan your event, we’ve created a list of the benefits of booking hotels as a venue for private events.

Coordinate with one team

Using a hotel as a venue can be helpful because there is usually one or two points of contact for all of your needs. Coordinating with a hotel’s team can help simplify your planning process. Instead of calling and meeting separately with venues and caterers, you’ll chat with one team.

The hotel’s team can help you plan the different aspects of your event, from giving you tours of the event space, to discussing the catering menu. They can also help you reserve rooms or blocks of rooms if needed.

Food and catering

If you choose a hotel venue for your next event, you can select food for your event from a hotel’s catering menu. Hotel catering menus supply a variety of food and beverage choices for events. Additionally, hotel dining staff are trained professionals who provide lively energy and warm hospitality. 

Some catering menus offer buffet or family-style meals, while others offer plated entrees. Our in-house restaurant, The Albert, offers both buffet, family-style and plated meals, depending on your catering needs.

Guests stay on-site

One of the benefits of having an event at a hotel venue is that there is lodging for guests in the same building. This means that transportation to and from the event is minimal. For weddings, conferences, or events that are longer than one day, this is a huge plus. 

Guests can feel much more comfortable at the event since they know they have a space to go to once the event is over. It also offers a place for guests to escape to if they need to take a break from the event. 

Special amenities

Amenities help guests feel comfortable during their stay for an event. They can go to the gym if they would like, or order room service so they don’t have to leave their room for meals. Many hotels also have special offers for valet parking, hot breakfasts, and dining. 

If guests of an event choose to stay in a hotel, they will be able to have access to all of the hotel amenities. This can include spa treatments, room service, fitness centers, and more. Every hotel has different types of amenities. For example, guests love our unique robot delivery system, which delivers room service to guests. Upon a guest’s request, our robots will deliver towels or water bottles to guests.

Booking a private event at a hotel can help you have a successful event. When you book your event at a hotel, you’ll be able to coordinate with one team. The hotel’s catering can provide various food and beverage options for your event, while also giving guests a comfortable place to stay. On top of it all, hotels can offer special amenities for guests during their stay. Events at hotel venues can be a good idea, especially if you want to simplify the event planning process and help guests enjoy the event.

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