5 Reasons To Plan A Trip To Chicago In The Summertime

5 Reasons To Plan A Trip To Chicago In The Summertime

If there’s one thing Chicago is known for—though there are many—it’s the summertime. There’s no better time to plan a trip to Chicago, as the city radiates a vibrancy that makes it a prime destination for a business trip or weekend getaway. What’s more, when it’s warm out, there’s ample opportunity to stay active when exploring Chicago’s cultural scene, by way of outdoor attractions, festivals, and recreational spots. Here are 5 reasons to plan a trip to Chicago this summer.

You Can Beach All Day

There’s no need to book a trip to South Beach or head to the suburbs, as Chicago offers several beaches situated right in the heart of downtown Chicago, and extending onwards up North. Here, you can take in a game of beach volleyball, a run along the Lakeshore path, or a swim in beautiful, Lake Michigan. And, you might even make some new friends and join their crowd.

Music Festivals

Chicago has some great music festivals in the summertime. From the Summer Series at Millennium Park, where musicians from different genres, like jazz, classical, hip hop, Indie, and more, perform outdoors on Monday and Thursday evenings, at 6:30pm, to the Pitchfork festival, offering tunes from the indie, hip hop, and R&B genres, in July, there’s no shortage of live music. And of course, we can’t forget Lollapalooza in August, which speaks for itself.

Food Festivals

It can seem as though Chicago has a different—or several different—festivals each weekend during the summertime, so it’s really fun to bounce around between a few on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Some notable food festivals in Chicago this summer include: Taste of Chicago, Taste of Randolph, Chicago Food Truck Fest, and Taste of River North, among others. Come hungry, as there’s always plenty of delicious bites and drinks.

Cubs Games

Sure, you can enjoy a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field any day of the year—especially when they’re winning the World Series—but a game is usually more enjoyable when you can eat your hot dog and drink your beer while basking in the summer’s warmth. A cold, rainy night day at Wrigley just doesn’t feel the same. So, getting a few friends together and heading to a game in the summertime makes for a fantastic day.

Go Boating

There aren’t many places quite like Chicago in this aspect—where you can take out a boat right in the middle of Chicago’s bustling energy, and drift away, under the many bridges and along the renowned River Walk. You can also head to the “Playpen” in Chicago, the prime scene at sea where people partake in wilder fun, along with drinks, games, and dance music. Or, you can take in Chicago’s architecture via an architecture tour boat cruise. However you want to spend your boat day, you’re sure to get plenty of sun and leisure time.

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