5 Things To Do This Summer in Chicago

5 Things To Do This Summer in Chicago

Chicago summers are absolutely beautiful—between the beaches, the smiles abound, the dining scene, and the opportunity for outdoor sports and leisure—there’s so much to do. If you’re planning a visit to Chicago this summer, you’ll want to take advantage of all that the city has to offer and get outdoors as much as possible. Here are the best ways to enjoy a gorgeous, Chicago summer day.

Spend Time on the Lakefront Trail

Chicago shines when it comes to natural aesthetics and greenery right in the heart of the city. In the summer, the city comes to life. People bike, run, or jog along the Lakefront, as others play volleyball, lay outdoors, or splash around in the water along the beach. It’s as though you’ve been transported to South Beach in a bustling, Midwestern city. 

Enjoy an Outdoor Festival

Each weekend there are a few different outdoor festivals to attend in each distinct neighborhood of Chicago. While some are more known than others, they range in focus—with some emphasizing live music, cuisine, antiques, and fine arts. A few notable ones include Pitchfork Musical Festival, Taste of Chicago, Windy City Smokeout, and the Air and Water Show.

Head to Lincoln Park Zoo

There’s nothing better than looking at wildlife, indulging in popcorn and fried treats, and snapping photos along the way. The admission is free, too, so you can browse at your own pace without paying a cent. And, mark your calendars—this coming Saturday, May 19th, you can buy tickets for the zoo’s Food Truck Social. Try gooey grilled cheese, tacos, and even pierogis.

Spend a Day Along the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk, which overlooks the Chicago River in downtown Chicago spans Lake Shore Drive, giving you open space to roam around and take in the breathtaking views of the city and the water. Yet, be sure to stop for some food and drinks along the way.

There are a few different eateries to choose from, where you can have cocktails, wine, ice cream, tacos, and more. Try City Winery—it’s a great spot to sit back in with a glass of wine and to take in the sun.

Go to Millennium Park

Millennium Park is like its very own bubble of excitement in the center of the city—between live music, festivals, greenery, and film—there’s no shortage of fun activities to try. Check the calendar for updates on various performances so you can save the dates. Millennium Park draws talent from around the world!

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