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How to Make the Best of Solo Travel to Chicago

If you’re traveling to Chicago without family or a travel buddy, there’s no reason to feel alone. You’re in an amazing city that’s packed with energy and lively activities, so there’s plenty to see and do by yourself. What’s more, you may even meet some great people along the way while you’re exploring the city solo—Chicago does have some friendly faces after all!

If you curious where to allocate your time during your Chicago visit, choose these awesome attractions and follow these tips to guarantee an adventurous and pleasant stay when you don’t have a companion in toe.

Make Easy Reservations at Restaurants

Just think how hard it is to book a party of 8 on a Thursday or Friday night in Chicago. The great thing about dining solo is that you can get a seat wherever you want! That means you can go to famous restaurants known for their long lines and wait times generally with ease, or you can even just snag a seat at the bar and get your food there. Plus, bartenders in Chicago are pretty friendly, so you’ll find someone to chat with as you nosh on your steak and fries, too.

Stay in a Unique Setting

Make sure to find a location that has a good vibe and diversity of attractions where you can get that local experience and find ways to pass the time without feeling isolated or lost. For instance, you can stay along the Magnificent Mile in Streeterville, as it’s a hub for touristy attractions, shopping, and great dining.

There are also tons of hotels in the area (you may even meet some other solo travelers!) with lively bar scenes and restaurants. A great pick is Hotel EMC2 and its restaurant the Albert, as it provides an innovative and creative design and experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

See Everything with a Museum Pass

If you’re traveling by yourself, you can spend some time touring the amazing museums in the city, as Chicago is known for its rich arts and culture scene. With the Museum Pass, you get access to Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck Chicago, the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry and CHICAGO Observation Deck.

With these locations you receive specialty features, like express access or VIP service. Plus it comes in for a reasonable fee when you realize just how many cool and educational spots you’re hitting during your stay.

Get the Best Seats for a Show

When you’re traveling by yourself, you can sit wherever you like. For starters, you don’t need to spend money on that second ticket or find a location where your party is happiest regarding the price tag.

Secondly, you can likely find that sweet spot that is left open in an amazing row simply because other people who are taking in a show want to sit altogether as a group and need more seats in a row. Be sure to check the upcoming shows in Chicago for each season and consider all genres: opera, dance, theater, music, comedy, and more.

The truth is, any trip to Chicago is one you can enjoy and these tips for traveling solo can help you make the most out of your adventure.

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