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3 Reasons Why Travelers Choose Boutique Hotels

When choosing where to stay when traveling, it can feel like a struggle—there are so many different hotels to choose from. However, there’s been an increase in popularity regarding boutique hotels, which are smaller, more intimate spaces that are modern, sleek, and right on trend with the latest technology and features.

This is especially true for boutique hotels in Chicago—such as Hotel EMC2—which boast high-end amenities, personal and direct service, and a creative “theme” that resonates with the vision of the hotel and the overall guest experience. Here are a few reasons why you should stay at a boutique hotel in Chicago, or wherever your travels may lead you. 

Direct Attention

When staying at a big chain hotel with several rooms and guests to serve, you’re one in a few hundred at a time and you won’t receive the personalized attention you’re looking for. Boutique hotels are smaller, with fewer rooms and spaces, so each guest feels taken care of and has a unique, positive experience.

This way, you can inquire with staff when need be, book reservations at the onsite restaurants, and know that anything you need will be available without a wait.

More Personality

Chain hotels put the #basic in hotels—yet boutique hotels have personality and innovation to create an unconventional and stimulating experience that makes sense for its target demographic. With boutique hotels, the rooms, the dining opportunities, and all the little details that go into the modern décor provide an atypical getaway that feels different and memorable.

All boutique hotels are individualized, with their own vision and direction, so do a little research to find one that fits your personality and what you’re looking for during your stay.

Greater Value

These boutique hotels are trendy and hip, so they often feature the newest technology and provide delectable food options that are in season and flavorful. For instance, Hotel EMC2, a boutique hotel in Chicago, blends art and science to give guests a cool, modern experience with technological advances.

It also boasts the restaurant, the Albert, which uses urban rooftop gardening and seasonality to appeal to today’s current dining trends. You get more exciting hotel perks for a pretty good price, relative to what you’d be spending at a big, chain hotel that’s not as updated or niche.

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