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The Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Chicago

When you’re spending time in Chicago in the summer, you’ll want to be as active as possible to really enjoy the beautiful weather. The good news? There are a ton of outdoor activities and adventures to choose from in the summertime, where you can embrace the city’s culture and get your daily shot of good ol’ vitamin D. Here are a few things to do in Chicago for a wonderful stay and experience.

Go to Navy Pier

Think of Navy Pier as the ultimate playground. It’s packed with energy: there are rides, like the renowned Ferris wheel, restaurants and bars, performances and theatrical events, and even a movie theater. You can spend hours in the beautiful weather, jumping from one activity to the next, and it’s welcome to all ages.

Take a Bike Ride Along the Lakefront

There’s nothing like a leisurely bike ride along the lakefront, where you can ride for hours, getting in a workout, and seeing different parts of the city. It’s a lot faster than on foot! You can find Citi banks all around, so it’s very convenient, and the views are spectacular. Between architecture and the smiling faces of those playing volleyball at the beach, there’s no way to not feel happy to be out in the Chicago sun.

Go to Millennium Park

There’s so much going on right in the heart of downtown Chicago—between musical performances, dance, outdoor festivals and art shows, and dining options—there’s no shortage of ways to spend a day or evening at Millennium Park when it’s beautiful and you’re eager to be outside. Check the calendar for event postings, or stop on by for a walk, a dip in Crown Fountain, or a bite to eat.

Take an Architectural Cruise

These architectural cruises in Chicago are both enjoyable and educational, and they really give you a chance to see the city at large and capture some of the most scenic views. Plus, as you head to the Riverwalk to board, you can explore the trail before or after. There are great dining spots along the way, and it’s another way to spend some time by the water.

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