5 Ways To Stay Healthy & Active When Traveling

5 Ways To Stay Healthy & Active When Traveling

When traveling, it can be hard to stay on track with your health and fitness efforts. Between hectic schedules, time-changes, and the desire to explore different tastes and experiences, it might seem as though healthy habits are less of a priority.

However, this mentality won’t help you once you return to reality. They’re several opportunities to stay healthy and active when traveling—here are 5 easy and pleasurable ways to make it work.

Get Those ZZZ’s

Lose that “Vegas!” mentality and get some sleep. Not only will you keep your immune system high (which can become compromised during travel), but you’ll also wake up feeling more refreshed each morning, eager to tackle the day in a new city. Plus, if you’re having trouble sleeping when traveling, many hotels offer terrific sleep aids and technology to help you snooze. For instance, cooling mattresses and soothing showers might do the trick.

Indulge, But Not Too Much

Of course, let your curiosity lead you in a new city—to local restaurants, cultural establishments, and breathtaking sights. Yet, don’t let each day become an all-out food-fest, especially if you’re traveling for work purposes. By sticking with a regular dining schedule and loading up on healthy snacks when traveling that boast high-quality protein and nutrients, you’ll keep your brain and body fueled. And if you’re taking the city by foot, you’ll need the energy boost!

Let Go Of Hastiness

When traveling, it’s okay to enjoy yourself and feel at ease—it’s a vacation away from normal, mundane life, after all. Even if you’re traveling for work, it’s still time spent in a different place, with new and exciting experiences right at your fingertips. It’s important to stay healthy when traveling, as stress can definitely spoil a trip.

If you jam-pack your schedule, you might not be able to thoroughly enjoy yourself. What’s more, you might even fall sick. If you’re traveling for leisure, keep the schedule loose, with a few planned meals or attractions, but also some wiggle room. If you’re on business, take some time for yourself to check in and relax—even just 10 minutes of morning meditation before the meetings begin can help.

Get In A Workout

Whether your hotel has a fitness studio, or you’re taking your workout outdoors (often a concierge can advise on direction or trail), making time for a workout when traveling can be incredibly beneficial for the mind and body.

They’re several options: hit the pavement outdoors and discover a new area, with beautiful views, do circuit training in your hotel room, try a recreational sport at a nearby park or attraction, or head to the indoor gym, for convenience. Plus, you can easily pack a jump rope or resistance band in your bag, if you’re planning on doing some circuits. You’ll stay active and strong during your stay, and probably feel a bit better about those local eats!

Immerse Yourself In The Culture

If you’re a tourist—act like one. Make a checklist of different places you’d like to see, such as museums, neighborhoods, shopping districts, and galleries. You can even schedule a walking tour to really see the sights and get those steps in. Every city will offer unique spots, all worth experiencing. If you’re planning a trip to Chicago, some notable attractions include Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Magnificent Mile shopping scene, and Navy Pier, among others.

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