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6 Water-Related Activities to Help You Cool Off in Chicago

It’s heating up in Chicago, but if you don’t want to let the weather stop you from exploring and enjoying the city, then look no further than the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Take in the sights while keeping yourself cool with any one of the plethora of water-related activities the city offers. They’re sure to pique your interest and –– most importantly –– help cool you down!


A great way to see the city from a new perspective is from a kayak. Many companies offer kayak rentals during the day and night, giving tourists and locals alike the chance to see the city’s stunning sights from the river. Ride by the Riverwalk restaurants and make plans to stop by for a drink after your ride ends! 

Boat rentals

Boat rentals are fun for the whole family. On a hot summer day, they’ll let everyone cool off while staying in the heart of the action. Pull up to the Playpen, the signature Chicago spot for boats in the summer, take in the skyline and soak up the rays. It’s a perfect way to take in the beauty of the entire city while staying cool and refreshed.

Sightseeing boat tours

When it comes to boat tours, there’s almost too many to choose from. The Chicago River Architecture Tour is a signature Chicago experience. The boat takes off from Navy Pier and takes off down the Chicago River, giving riders a close-up view of some of the city’s most iconic buildings and landmarks. 

Speedboat rides

If you’re looking for a little more adrenaline and a little less emphasis on history or sightseeing, a speedboat tour may be right for you. SeaDog Extreme Thrill Rides at Navy Pier offer guests a chance to see the city from Lake Michigan, let the wind run through their hair and promises to get everyone at least a little wet along the way. 

Jet Skiing

Another way to seek the same adrenaline-rush as a speedboat ride is to rent a jet ski. Many companies offer jet ski rentals. Make your trip one to remember with a day spent speeding along the lake. Like kayaking and boat trips, renting a jet ski lets you see the city from a new perspective –– with the added bonus of the thrill of the ride.  

Hit the beach

For a more relaxing day in the sun, head to one of the city’s 24 beaches. Take a nap, soak up some sun, and take a dip in refreshing Lake Michigan. All you’ll need is a towel and plenty of sunscreen. If you’re in need of food or refreshments, check out one of the many restaurants located right on the beach – like the famous Castaways at North Ave. If you’re looking for a beach activity, bring a volleyball and play on one of the city’s ever-popular beach volleyball courts. 

Planning your trip

Whether you choose to visit Chicago this summer or another time in the future, you’ll have a unique and thrilling experience. After you’ve selected your travel dates, you’ll need to decide where you’ll stay on your trip. Consider booking a hotel located in the heart of the city, like Hotel EMC2 in Streeterville. It’s conveniently located close to many of these water-related activities and more of the city’s most famous destinations. 

Next up, pack your bags with essentials like comfortable walking shoes. Now you’re ready for your upcoming trip to Chicago filled with breathtaking adventures and spectacular sights. 

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