7 Hotel Trends For 2017

Travel never goes out of style. With the New Year, comes a plethora of innovative ideas to heighten the overall guest experience. It’s important to choose a hotel that suits your lifestyle, and these new hotel trends for 2017 are sure to be popping up in hotels nationwide throughout the year. With an exponential rise in modern amenities and diverse technologies, hotels can be more than just a stay away from home, but rather a getaway that enlivens the spirit. Here are 7 hotel trends to look out for in the New Year.

Eye-Catching Design

Whether you prefer modern or vintage furnishings, or sleek neutrals or funky patterns, there’s bound to be a high value on hotel design and vibe in order to boost the guest experience and evoke a distinct character and flavor. As shown in 2016, much thought goes into creating a “look” that resonates with a hotel’s nature, so that people know exactly what they’re checking into upon approaching the concierge desk. This heightened emphasis on aesthetic design and theme will carry over well into 2017.

“Lean” Luxury

Instead of driving lavishness and labels, the new hotel trend of 2017 is to provide subtle luxury, where guests can enjoy contemporary chic amenities and refined comfort. Much emphasis will be placed on the use of technology to make the travel experience simpler, such as in workstation space and bedding, as well as on the food selection, in order to entice guests and titillate their taste buds with a high-end experience. Many hotels are looking to partner with well-profiled chefs to draw in the epicurean crowd.

Emphasis On Health

The wellness movement within the hospitality industry has amplified throughout 2016, and it will stay strong throughout 2017. Some hotels are partnering with local boutique studios, upgrading and modernizing gyms to create more space for innovative machinery, and providing healthy juices, snacks, and outlets for people to de-stress. Functional workstations and nutritious menus work together to fuel the brain and boost productivity, creating an experience where guests can stay healthy and active when away.

Going Mobile

With the increase in technological advances, introducing innovative products and smartphone use into the hospitality industry is a vivid hotel trend for 2017. It’s likely that reliance on mobile apps will be applicable for many high-end, modernized hotels come the New Year. It’s won’t be enough to simply offer Wi-Fi anymore, but rather people will want access to simpler services, by use of mobile applications. You might find smart phone use as room keys, as well as other innovative mechanisms within television, thermostat, sleep systems, and shower facilities.

Increased Food Variety

Everyone knows that with any great travel experience comes a memorable bite (or two). Hotels are expanding dining options in order to provide guests with variety and taste. Because there’s elevated importance on food culture within hotels, it’s common to find chefs keeping with gourmet trends and putting a playful, artistic spin on classic dishes. Introducing fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients is becoming more prevalent, as well, as diners are keyed into the newfound wellness movement. Many hotels may offer a few menu selections, as well as seasonal changes to shake things up.

Curiosity For Nearby Attractions

Travelers are becoming increasingly curious, desiring to explore new territories and partake in exciting, novel activities. People are drawn to hotels that are equipped with activities, dining, and culture to heighten the experience and allow guests to feel immersed in their surroundings. It’s common to ask the concierge for advice on things to do when traveling, given the hotel’s location, and the more a hotel can offer, the better. If you’re traveling to a bustling city, for instance, ask for recommendations regarding local attractions and events.

Blend Of Business And Pleasure

As people continue to become avid travelers for business, there’s been an upsurge in a need for pleasure and leisure to accompany work demands. Hotels are striving to create a culture that relates to the travelers’ personalities, goals, and lifestyles in order to provide an environment that is both mentally stimulating, to help boost work performance, and relaxing, in order to better the soul. Experiences that combine work and leisure in travel may involve new fitness and recreational programs, gadgets, and simpler booking systems. Furthermore, there’s been an increase in travel among Millennials, who often seek this mixture to accommodate a more flexible, curious lifestyle.

2017 will be a great year for travel. It’s the perfect time to start checking destinations off your list.