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Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding

Smaller, more intimate weddings have been rising in popularity recently, especially because they provide an intimate and personalized atmosphere. Brides and grooms all over are opting to host a variety of these types of weddings, from elopements to micro weddings. 

While you may feel like you’ll miss out by hosting a smaller, less traditional wedding, there are many benefits that come along with hosting a micro wedding. On your big day, you’ll be able to spend more time with your closest friends and family members. You’ll also be able to allocate more time, money, and attention to personalized details—these are just a few of the benefits that come with hosting a smaller wedding. We’ve compiled a list of a few tips to help you plan the intimate wedding of your dreams.

Keep your guest list short

It can often be difficult to narrow down your guest list, especially if you don’t want to offend someone. Before you decide who you will invite, contact your wedding venue and ask what their capacity is. Then, decide on the number of people you will invite. Choosing a venue with a guest capacity will take the pressure off of you and help you further whittle down your guest list. You will probably want to consider asking guests not to bring a plus one to your wedding as well.

Personalize wedding invitations

Since you are inviting fewer people to your wedding, you will send out fewer invitations, allowing you to spend more money and time on personalizing your wedding stationery. Some brides and grooms choose to send handwritten invitations, while others decide to use invites made out of extraordinary materials like linen or leather. Or, you could hire an artist to create a watercolor visual for your invitations. Whatever style you choose, your invitations will be sure to make an impression on guests who receive the honor of being invited to your wedding.

Consider a restaurant venue

Many small and intimate weddings are held in event spaces in restaurants. Having your wedding at a restaurant venue is convenient because restaurants have their own chef and catering staff available for events. Restaurants have chefs who specialize in creating menus specifically for events such as weddings, so you’ll have a delicious array of food and drink to choose from. Restaurant event spaces can even be themed—for example, the Albert, a restaurant located in Chicago’s Streeterville and at Hotel EMC2, is decorated with details that showcase the themes of art and science. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with beautiful bookcases covering the wall, along with unique artwork that creates an inspiring atmosphere. When selecting a wedding venue, be sure to think outside the box and choose a venue that will be meaningful to you and your spouse in the future.

Offer a variety of food and drink options

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the food and beverage options that you choose to serve your guests. Sit down with your chosen caterer and discuss which options are best for you on your big day. Since you are hosting a smaller wedding, you’ll probably want to serve your guests many options, from a host of appetizers to fine wines. If you choose to have your wedding at a restaurant venue, then you can discuss what you’d like to serve with the restaurant’s chefs. 

Add creative and unique details

The details and decorative items of any wedding make it special, especially if you are choosing to host a micro-wedding. Your guests will appreciate the detailed decorations, and you’ll be able to remember every element later on when you get your photos back from your photographer. Details to focus on include floral arrangements, place cards and settings, table cloths, centerpieces, and more. Small details help set the mood and create a stunning atmosphere for your guests.

Arrange for a smaller, trendy cake

Although you won’t be needing a bigger, more traditional wedding cake to feed a large number of guests, you will probably still want to have a smaller cake at your wedding. Whether this cake is mainly ornamental or is dessert, you’ll want to make sure your cake fits with the ambiance of the day. You could consider a trendier cake, such as a naked cake, ombre cake, minimalist cake, one-tier cake, or even fun cake alternatives like macarons or cheese wheels—really, the options are endless!

Ready for your big day

After following these tips, you’ll be ready for a special and intimate day. It will be a day in which you will make memories that will last a lifetime—only close family and friends will attend, you’ll all be served delicious food and drink, and you’ll all be surrounded by an alluring and beautiful atmosphere. Your wedding will be anything but an impersonal event—it will be a private and personal celebration full of love.

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