Behind The Scenes With Hotel EMC2’s Team

Sometimes the greatest way to really get to know a hotel and its culture is through open dialogue with the people behind the process. Each member of the Hotel EMC2 team has a stark, vivid personality that resonates with the brand’s message, voice, mission, and character.

Of course—we’re all awaiting the opening, getting excited about what’s in store for the hotel and its guests, as a new addition to Marriott’s trendy and artful Autograph Collection. With keen attention to both the latest technology and hotel trends for 2017, Hotel EMC2 will take the guest experience to a whole other level. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect, from those who know best.

What are five words you would use to describe Hotel EMC2 to its guests?

Stefanie (Director Of Sales & Marketing): “Imagination, inspiration, innovation, authentic, and engaging.”

When you’re staying at Hotel EMC2, the mind and body work in tandem to fuel the brain, boost productivity, and channel creative, powerful energy into each step of the day. The hotel’s culture provides the needed resources to foster this mentality and enhance the human spirit. 

What excites you most about this project?

Alex (Director Of Rooms): “Hotel EMC2 is a hotel unlike any other. What excites me the most is our blend of technology into our culture of art and science because almost all technology requires both fields. This hotel has a unique appeal and satisfies even the most curious mind to keep them coming back for more.”

What are some of the ways you express yourself creatively?

Rebecca (Director Of Food And Beverage): “I try to be creative with my wardrobe. I mix color and texture whenever I can. I love funky tights. I doodle often. Don’t confuse this with talent – my stick figures look drunk, but often you will find a small doodle in the corner of every sheet in my notebook. I’m a terrible dancer, but I love dancing at home with my son.”

The team at Hotel EMC2 is playful, vibrant, and adventurous. Guests are encouraged to ignite their senses, doodle for creative inspiration, and experience art and science in Chicago.

How do you incorporate art and science into your daily life?

Brandon (Executive Chef): “By creating dishes that are both technique based (science) and esthetically presented (art).”

Dining at Hotel EMC2’s restaurant, the Albert, is a creative, artful experience that takes the diner on a savory, sensory journey. With a seasonal menu and a focus on local and fresh ingredients, every occasion will bring uniqueness and unexpectedness.

What are three fun facts that people don’t know about you?

Yesenia (Human Resources Manager): “One: I’ve seen every horror movie released from 2008 to now. Two: I have a small scar on my right hand in the shape of a heart. And three: I have saved all cards (Birthday, Christmas, Thank you, etc.) that I have received as far back from junior high to present.”

What are three things you would expect guests to feel when they are at Hotel EMC2?

Christine (Chief Creative Operations Officer): “Upon entering Hotel EMC2, a sense of curiosity will rush over you. After waking from a magical slumber, you’ll feel instantly energized by a refreshing shower in our “wet lab” and inspired to try something new. Exploration starts and ends with a great meal, so you’ll find yourself dining in the Albert, which offers a unique experience that revives your palate.”

With a description like that, a typical day at hotel EMC2 sounds pretty surreal. We’ll let you be the judge.


Artwork: Jonathan Plotkin